STRP Permit Applications now being accepted

posted Apr 5, 2015, 8:49 AM by Jason Eiceman
Details on applying for the STRP permit are located at this link:

Note the registration schedule on the righthand side.  Open enrollment begins May 1.

Email from Councilwoman Allen from March 30, 2015:
    We have come a long way since the first community meeting to discuss how Nashville would make short term rental an officially recognized part of the local hospitality scene.  Many of you provided input that helped shape the final regulations, and I appreciate the give and take that has been part of process to date.  I expect there will still be some adjustments to be made as we work through this phase.  The STRP website has gone live at  STRP owners can apply for permits starting March 31.  Because this is a new process for the Codes department, we are pacing the application process the first month, and then it is open season from May 1 on.  For the month of April, applications will be taken for properties specified Council Districts each day.  There is a schedule on the website.  This is to avoid a mad rush on the first day when the Codes folks are still getting used to the system.  Please remember that enforcement doesn't begin until July 1 so there should be plenty of time to apply (as long as everyone doesn't wait until the last day in June)  Key things to be aware of:

  *   The owner must apply in person.
  *   There is currently no cap on owner-occupied STRP permits or multi-family STRP permits.  If you are applying as an owner occupant, you will need something like a driver's license that shows that you live at the property.
  *   Because the fire marshal will probably be inspecting each property to make sure smoke detectors and alarms are where they are required, it will probably take a week or two before the permit is issued.
  *   Although enforcement of the permit requirement doesn't begin until July 1, taxes are already owed if you are currently renting on a short term basis.  I have been told that Air bnb is working on incorporating the collection and payment of taxes into their website.  I don't know when that will be available.  There are other independent websites that can do this as well.

We are trying to make the website as user friendly as possible.  Let me know if you have suggestions for improvement.   Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested.


Burkley Allen
Metro Council 18th District