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Annual Renewals & Must-Do

This page is meant to show items that must be done annually.
Most of these would occur after the initial registration/setup from the Getting Started page.
Also see Remitting/Paying Taxes, which would occur monthly or quarterly.

NOTE: This is subject to change at any time, and may be inaccurate as new legislation is enacted

Annual Must-Do Items:

1) Optional: Renew LLC with the TN Secretary of State by filing an Annual Report
    a) Must be completed by April 1st
    b) This step only occurs if you registered an LLC initially, and plan to continue using it
    c) File Annual Report with the state of TN ($300 plus cc fee for LLC) here: TN Sec of State > Annual Report Instructions

2) Renew STRP permit from Metro Codes
    a) Link: > Codes > Permits > STRP

3) Optional:  Renew landlord registration**
    a) Must be completed prior to end of year (your registration expires 12/31 every year)
    b) This step only pertains if you have (or plan to have) any rentals of 90 nights or longer to a single contract
    c) Fill out form and mail fee ($10)

4) Renew business licenses or minimal activity license
    NOTE: If your annual gross sales will be $10,000 or less, a Minimal Activity License can be obtained instead
               Less than $2,999 does not require a license
    a) Must be completed by April 15th for those that have a fiscal year ending 12/31
    b) Link for business licenses: > Business Tax Online Filing
        i)  Character of seller: Retailer
        ii) Total gross sales would typically be the total of all 12 monthly sales tax returns (or 4 if quarterly)
    c) Minimal Activity cannot be renewed online, contact the Davidson County Clerk: (615) 862-6254 extension 77550

5) File Franchise & Excise Tax Exemption Renewal
    a) Must be completed by April 15th
    b) Must have an exemption account already setup with TN Dept of Revenue
    c) Recommended to complete this step after filing taxes with IRS, as it will ask for your annual activity amount (rental income)
    d) Renew online here: > Franchise & Excise Tax Online
    e) Family-owned Non-Corporate with Passive Investment Income (rental property)***

*These items (permit and/or license) may not be necessary depending on zoning and the vacation rental ordinance changes
**Landlords are only required to register once per owner (no matter number of properties owned), and only if you anticipate renting your unit for 90 days or more to a single contract (i.e. a traditional landlord/tenant agreement).
***If vacation rental is your (or your company's) primary source of income, this exemption likely would not apply