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Remitting/Paying Taxes

This page is meant to show how to remit taxes on behalf of STRP guests, which must be done monthly and/or quarterly.  
These items would be in addition to the annual renewals, and after initial setup.
Note that the guest is technically responsible for these taxes, but they are collected and remitted by the STRP operator.

NOTES: This is subject to change at any time, and may be inaccurate as new legislation is enacted.  Below assumes filing on time.

Due Dates:
    All taxes are due the 20th day of the month following the end of the reporting period 
Remitting Taxes:

1) Calculate
your total amounts (pre-taxes) for all guests for month and/or quarter, as necessary
    -- This may include the nightly rate, cleaning fees, pet fees, etc., but not a refundable damage deposit --
    -- This would not include sales or hotel taxes --
    ** For assistance with calculating your nightly rates, join our Google group! >> NVRA Group

2) Remit Sales Tax to the state of TN, Dept of Revenue
    -- May be done monthly or quarterly, depending on your amounts specified at initial setup --
    a) Use your online credentials (setup earlier) to login at:
    b) Click the link under 'Tax ID Number'
    c) Choose appropriate boxes (including 'Filing with Payment' if you are paying online), and month/year filing for
    d) Enter your pre-tax amount in 'Gross Sales' box, scroll to bottom of page and click Continue
    e) Verify info, checkmark 'I certify', and click Submit Return
    f) Fill in Payment info, and click Continue
    g) Verify, checkmark 'I certify', and click Submit Return and Payment
    -- A tutorial of this process is available here:

2) Remit Hotel Taxes to Metro Nashville, Dept of Finance
    -- Always done monthly --
    a) Hotel Occupancy Tax Form, available here: Hotel Occupancy Form
    b) Section 1 -- 
        i) If sales tax (above) was filed monthly, fill in the same 'Gross Sales' amount in 'Gross Rental Receipts'
        -otherwise, fill in the amount for the past month
        ii) Fill in same gross amount on line 3
        iii) Fill in 6% of line 3 amount on line 4
        iv) Fill in 2% of line 4 amount on line 5
        v) Line 8 = Line 4 - Line 5
    c) Section 2--
        i) Calculate number of nights a guest stayed at your rental for the month, fill in on line 1
        ii) End of line 1, fill in $2.50 x number of nights
        iii) Line 5 = Line 1 amount
    d) Total Tax Due, fill in Section 1 + Section 2 amounts
    e) Sign with title and date
    f) Return via mail along with your payment (if paying via check) to address on form

    TIP: Create an editable copy of the above form on your computer, with account num, address, etc,. filled in.  Use this copy each month and insert new values for the month/year, amounts, etc